Can't log into web interface on RUT955

I have an RUT955 installed in my motorhome and connected up to a Poynting MiMo 3-v2-12 aerial. I’ve inserted 2 SIMS on different networks which are activated and tested. I have the following issues;

  1. The green power button is lit. The mobile connection status led is intermittently flashing red then green. The mobile signal strength LED are unlit even though I know there is a decent signal.
  2. I cannot access the web interface from a phone or computer
  3. None of my computers have an ethernet port.

Any suggestions of what I can do to get this set up please?


Welcome to the Teltonika Community :smiley:

Regarding your query,
If Green and red blinking alternatively ever 500 ms, it means No SIM or bad PIN
also if NO. OF LIT UP LEDs is 0 it means there is no signal ,

It would have been really helpful if there was a ethernet connection to the RUT as it would fasten up the process, If not what we can try is to Reset the router following this
and try to set a static IP for the Wifi Interface with the device IP here

Please revert to us in case the issue persists


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