Can't connect to router and lan with Wiregard

I have successfully established a WireGuard tunnel with IP addresses and, and I am able to ping these addresses without any issues. However, when the tunnel is connected, I encounter a problem where everything locks up. Specifically, I am unable to log in to my router (a Teltonika Client on mobile LTE) at, and I cannot ping anything on my external LAN. For your information, I am using a UDM Pro as my server

I have attempted to resolve this issue by creating zones and routing configurations, but unfortunately, these efforts have not been successful. I am therefore reaching out to request your help. Could any one possibly provide me with a clear example of how to configure zones and routing in Teltonika?

I appreciate any assistance you can provide and I look forward to your response. Thank you in advance for your help


If the LAN access is lost when WireGuard is up, this can indicate a routing issue. Could you please check your WireGuard configurations for any overlaps in the Allowed IPs? Perhaps it overlaps with your LAN network?

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