Cannot set and save custom IP on port forwarding on RUT901

After I type the custom IP which is not on the list ( and press enter and save it does not store/save the typed IP address it reverts to the IP addresses which are already on the list.

when I want to create a port forward to a device then I always have
this device connected to the router.

Maybe not a bug, but definitely a feature.

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But this was newer an issue with old Teltonika GUI FW (RUT950 RUT240).


Make sure you are entering the IP address into the ‘--Custom--’ field in the dropdown menu itself.


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Hi, I am and that is the trouble. I choose the custom, type in the IP, but I will not let me store it.


I am unable to replicate this. Are you sure that you are typing the IP address in the dropdown menu as highlighted in my screenshot ( being entered)?

You can try using a different Web browser and/or clearing Web browser’s cache.

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