Cannot ping SIM M2M public IP from outside network


I have a RUT 241 and a SIM M2M (Vodafone) and I am trying to setup a DDNS service to reach my router remotely.

The SIM has a public dynamic IP (I have checked it, the IP on the RUT WAN interface and the one I get from any “find my IP” website do match), so I got a DDNS service from (the free version, for testing purpose).

The DDNS provider can track the changing public IP successfully: if I reeboot the router and the public IP changes, I get a mail from the DDNS provider that notifies said change.

Still, if I try to reach the router from an outside network, typing the domain, I get a timeout error.
Moreover, I cannot even ping the public IP address from said outside network.

I’ve enabled HTTP and HTTPS remote access, I’ve set the firewall to enable input from WAN interface.

I’ve also contacted the ISP provider, they claim that the APN in bi directional, so I really cannot understand what blocks the connection.

Can someone please help me with this issue?

Thank you very much.

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Welcome to Teltonika Networks Community !
I can think of a few things to try out.

  1. Update it to the latest firmware, but without the “Keep Settings” option. (I believe that you dont need to adjust the firewall rules for access)
  2. See if the Public IP address itself is pingable (without DNS), if not either ping is disabled by the ISP or it might be an issue from the ISP itself.
  3. You can also check for incoming traffic requests with the help of TCP Dump and requests from System Log
  4. Please note that there have been issues where port 80 was specifically blocked by ISP, can you try changing the port and accessing it again ?
    Happy Networking !

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