Cannot factory reset RUTX11

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I need to reset the RUTX11 to factory as I have no longer access to it neither via WLAN nor LAN.

I pressed the reset button for more then 5 sec as it is also shown by the signal strength LEDs. However nothing happens … no flashing LEDs as it shall be signalizing reset to factory.

What else can I do to reset the RUTX11 to factory settings?



These are our instructions on how to restore your RUTX11 device.

  1. If your RUTX11 currently has a working cellular mobile uplink, you can restore it using SMS utilities. All you need to do is send an SMS to the RUTX11 cellular number with the following content:

    <router_password> restore

Replace <router_password> with the actual password for your router.

  1. In case there is no functioning mobile uplink on your RUTX11, we kindly request you to attempt a device recovery from the bootloader menu. Detailed instructions for this process can be found on this page:

After performing the recovery process, please inform us of the serial number of your device. If the issue persists even after the recovery, we may need to initiate an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) procedure. We will promptly check the warranty status of your device using the serial number you provide.

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Thank you!

Restore via SMS worked without any issues!
I have now also activated RMS …

Thanks again!

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