Cannot access CLI when remotely connected

This topic has been raised some time ago even before this community was opened, but I have not seen any solution for it. There has also been a bad advice of disabling the https to overcome the error:

“To access CLI you need to add certificate acception to your browser!”

This is a well known bug and someone also said that was going to be solved in a future fw release, but it is still there and I cannot access the CLI from the webcli when in remote connection.

Anyone came up with a solution or a workaround that doesn’t disable security?


This might not be a bug :wink:! CLI access, especially in remote connections, needs to be enabled in the router’s settings. By default, it is disabled. To activate it, navigate to System → Access Control, and in the CLI section, you should find the option “Enable Remote CLI” that you can turn on.

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Hi pacman,

…which of course only works if your router (i.e.
your SIM card) has a public IP address, either
static or via a dynDNS service.

Anyway, which router model are you talking about?
Never heard of accessing the CLI via browser
(except through the RMS), although I have to admit
that we nevver needed that up to now (just either
RMS or PuTTY directly).

Timelapse Admin

@Marijus: I will check that configuration as soon I have access to the system. Thank you for your hint.

@timelapsesystems: The router is a RUT240 with latest firmware and I have a agent installed so no need of a public IP address. I will check the configuration suggested by Marijus and report back here.

Thank you both for having spent the time to answer, much appreciated :smiley:

I enabled the configuration that Marijus suggested, but I get the same exact error as before.

Any other suggestion, please?


It appears that your browser lacks the necessary certificate for HTTPS usage, leading to the displayed error message. To resolve this, you can opt for using HTTP instead; however, please note that this is an insecure option.

For enhanced security, I recommend accessing your device directly via SSH instead of the Command Line Interface (CLI) in the WebUI. You can find instructions on how to connect to your device via SSH here: SSH Connection Instructions

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I would like to use the webUI CLI and will not use an unsecured connection for sure, so the HTTP is a no-go.
What is strange is that with the same browser if I am in the same network of the router, the webUI CLI works fine.


Certain browsers handle certificates better than others. Consider using a Chromium-based browser, as they typically manage certifications better than other browsers like Firefox and others.

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