Can TRB140 send SMS and call to a specified group phone number?

Hi all members, I used Gateway TRB140 to send an SMS Alarm. This is running on firmware 07.04.5. Can I configure each alarm to send to specified phone groups that are created in System → Administrator → Recipients instead of adding each number like the picture that I attached?
I would like to ask some questions:
1/ Does this device have the feature to call the recipient when receiving SMS in addition to the sending function?
2/ Each SMS Alarm can add a maximum of how many phone numbers and a maximum of how many characters per message.
Thank you.


  1. Currently, the phone numbers for Modbus Alarms need to be entered manually. The phone groups are used in some other features.
  2. There is no option to call the recepient when using Modbus Alarms or other WebUI features.

The maximum number of phone numbers is currently not limited in the WebUI, but there is actually a limit of 16. The WebUI limit should be adjusted in the future firmware releases to correctly reflect the limit of 16 phone numbers.

The SMS lenght depends on characters (encoding) used. So depending on the character you put, it would be up to ~242 characters.

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