Bulk configuration of routers with unique default passwords

We used to have a scripted setup to batch configure routers over ssh using the admin01 default pw. Now that all devices in the newer series are having unique passwords I’m looking for a way to accomplish the same just plugging in the devices on a local network. Any suggestions how to overcome this very annoying change to unique passwords?

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By using RMS with its built-in, centralized User Manager?

Can you elaborate on how to accomplish this? It looks to me you still need to register all devices with their unique passwords in RMS first then? We want to unbox, plug it in a production network and have an automated system doing the configuration. Just like we did before when the default pw was admin01. If we need to use an API, that’s fine, but having to manually copy all passwords from the sticker on the back first is not an option.

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No, you register each device with its serial number in RMS, it will then show up there and you can access the device with your pre-configured admin user from RMS then.
You don’t need any sticker/passwords of the device itself - just add its serial number and you’re good to go.
Serial is the only thing you need.

How to add devices to RMS? - Teltonika Networks Wiki

And for a bunch of devices - adding them bulk:

How to add a list of devices to RMS? - Teltonika Networks Wiki

Thanks for the links but I think the documentation is not completely up to date with the current RMS interface. If you select to add one device it provides a field for the password and it mentions you should fill it in. Without it’s not possible to continue. In the documentation for csv bulk adding it doesn’t mention the pw field but if you try to upload a csv without the pw it says it is not conform the rules. If you download the example csv it has the pw field as well. There is however an option to use a production file instead of a created csv and my hope now is that that production file contains serials and passwords. But I’ve never seen one so I’m not sure yet. Can this be confirmed by Teltonika?

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Agree with above- can someone confirm if you’re able to receive the production file from Teltonika with a purchase direct from Teltonika of routers?

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