Bridging client's network

Hi My previous threat was closed. I would like to fact check and ask if my deployment is workable.

My current design is as below. My SCADA is able to read all data. But my problem is when my PC is connected to client’s network. I cannot access my SCADA.

Hence, by concept I have drawed the design below. Can you help to confirm if it will work doing it this way? My RUT200 will act as a VPN server and “dumb” switch just to extend more network ports on client’s network.

Is this design possible?


Sorry for the late response. Could you please confirm if you still need help with this setup? If so, could you please tell me if you can reach the RUT200 LAN IP ( from your PC, or are you only able to reach the client’s network via your PC?

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Hi yes,
My PC basically cannot reach the network at all.

I have tried another approach by making my main RUT200 fix on WAN/LAN IP as it a dumb switch). Then I make my PC( and SCADA( site on the same 10.55.11.xx network.
By doing this, I can access all the units with exception of the RUT200 VPN Client(
My PC( still cannot access after I try to do a L2tp static route in the main RUT200 to route to but I still cannot access it from my PC.
But the funny thing is when I use the CLI in RUT200, I can ping from RUT200(
What settings am I missing here?

Besides that, when my PC is connected to to the RUT200 Client with IP, I can still ping and access my SCADA on here with static route rules to


As I understand, you’ve made some changes to your configurations. Could you please share the current network topology, similar to what you provided before? This will help me understand all the device connections and their IP addresses to assist you further. Thank you!

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Hi Here you go,
this is the design that I tried to do. But it dont work.

My PC can ping everyone except router.
But my PC/SCADA cannot reach
But my RUT200 main, can ping within its CLI.
But on RUT200 client, I can ping my pc/scada.

Did I miss anything?

Thank you for the topology and detailed configuration description!

If I understood correctly, you are trying to reach the local IP of the RUT200 (Client) and not the VPN IP. If so, please ensure that the RUT200 (Main) router has a proper route (in Network → Routing → Static Routes) to the

  • Interface: L2TP
  • Target: Client LAN IP
  • IPv4 Gateway: Client L2TP VPN IP

Additionally, please check the firewall rules in the WebUI (Network → Firewall → General settings) on the main RUT200 router to ensure traffic from to is accepted. Similarly, on the client RUT200 router, ensure that incoming connections from the network are accepted.

Please let me know how it goes!

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Hi Marija,
Yes Static route has been done too.

I need my PC/SCADA to be able to reach Reason I want to use client’s network is because I can utilize their internet. Hence my M2M sim card would only be for my VPN.

In RUT200(Main) Static Route
Target IP:

In RUT(Client) Static Route
Target IP:

I have forwarded my firewall on both ends. I have attached a troubleshoot file for you. Not sure if you are able to trace.

So now my ping will be as such. (PC/SCADA will always be on 10.55.11.xx range of IP)
PC/SCADA-> RUT200(main) , client backbone (ok)
PC/SCADA-> RUT200(client: (request timeout)

using CLI in RUT
RUT200(main) → PC, SCADA, client backbone , RUT200(client) (ok)
RUT(Client)-> PC,SCADA,clientbackbone, RUT200(main) (ok)

RUT200(MAIN) (116.1 KB)

RUT200(Client) (146.4 KB)

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