Bridged WiFi as WAN with LTE 4G as backup


We are looking for a wireless solution to use for Self Ordering Systems.
We would like to have the possibility to connect to WiFi as main WAN connection and bridge the WiFi to LAN 1 and WAN 1 Ethernet ports (The WAN port will be configured as LAN)

My question is is it possible to have the 4G LTE as a backup for when WiFi WAN is no longer active and it automatically switches to that connection?


Our devices come equipped with a failover function designed to serve as a backup for your primary WAN connection in the event of a failure. Through the WebUI, you have the flexibility to configure failover settings according to your preferences. This includes setting priorities, enabling or disabling interfaces, and specifying the conditions under which the failover should occur.

When failover is enabled, our devices continually check the internet connection by pinging a specified server (default is and If the primary interface (WiFi WAN) experiences a failure (no response from the server while pinging), the secondary interface (Mobile) is automatically activated. Once the primary interface recovers (starts receiving pings again), the system reverts to using it as the main connection.

More information about failover can be found on our wiki page:

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Hi thank you!
that solves this question.

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