Bondix tunnel blocking/superseding traffic on non-related WAN

Wired wan with public IP
x2 cellular (Bonded with bondix)

When establishing the bondix tunnel we can no longer reach the web admin on the teltonika from the public IP associated with the hardwired wan. If we disconnect the tunnel we can get to it just fine over that same wan with the public ip. I created a L3 port forward on the bondix server and can reach the web admin through the public bondix server ip now but I still don’t understand why traffic is getting blocked/diverted/going into an abyss when using a wan that isn’t applied to the tunnel.

Or best guess is that the bondix traffic is a higher priority than the wired wan but we don’t see any options in the gui for applying this to the bondix tunnel.

Can someone provide some clarity and a possible fix for this that I can add to my documentation for when other teltonika are deplyed with bondix tunnel?

Thank you

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