Best WIFI antenna

Which WIFI antenna are better for a RUTX50. The 2 x PR1KS210 (small magnetic antenna) that come with the unit or the taller PR1URF51 antenna that goes straight into the back of the router. Thanks.

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Hello, A900ss

By the standard X50 router package, a 2x PR1KRD30 antenna with wires is included because another antenna like PR14RD35 that goes straight into the back of the router would not fit properly because of the 4x LTE antenna that is nearby.
The original package antenna supports a 5Ghz frequency range for maximum Wifi speeds.
PR1KS210 is a mobile antenna and both antenna PR1KS210 & PR1URF51 support up to 2.4Ghz frequency range and don’t belong to X50 router.
So if you want to use the full capability of the X50 supporting Wifi speeds, you should use the antenna included in the standard package with wires.

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