Bad performance using RUTX50 with a 5G SIM card

Hi community members,

Since a few days, I’m using a brand new RUTX50 with a Poynting Mimo 4-17 outdoor antenna in my campervan, and a 5G SIM Card (an Orange one, in France).

When connecting my phone, my PC or my wife’s PC to the RUTX50 using WiFi, the speed is not good, around 20, 30 or sometimes 40 gbits / seconds. When using the same phone with the same 5G SIM card inside the phone (and not inside the RUTX50), the speed is around 200 gits or more.

Also, there are some internet outage sometimes, when using the SIM card inside the RUTX, but no outage when using the SIM card with my phone …

Maybe this screenshot could help you :

Can you help me to understand this problem and increase the RUTX speed please ?

Thanks a lot !

Hello everybody,
Could somebody help me to understand the problem please ?
Thanks a lot for your kind help :pray: