Backup File is not Compatible - RUT 240


I had a previous default config file that I used to flash the routers, until recently when trying to restore the backup file on a new router I got the information that the backup file was not compatible with teh fevice.

After analysing, I saw that the part number was different between each other, ending up with RUT2400DE000 and RUT24006E000.

My question is, is there a way to still import configs between different router part numbers, or will need indeed 2 backup configuration files?

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It is possible to move some of the configurations to a new device by copying configuration files. Please, take a look at the forum post here.

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Hello, I have the same issue.

In my case, after I testing the Hardware (it was a used one) and I find it will fit, I bought a second router as a sparepart. Because the time after a failure must be under 30 minutes. So I have decide to configure the seconde device exakt the same as the first device. For that case I have made a backup from the Konfiguration and have tryed to load it on the second device but it say it was incompatible.

“*Only configuration file from identical device with same or lower firmware version (lowest 03.726) can be uploaded”

For me this means: All devices of the RUT240 family can load this file, they just have to have the same FW version.

There are two things what diffent between them.

  1. Device Informations:
    Produktcode RUT24000XXXX/Produktcode RUT24006XXXX
    Chargennummer 0019/Chargennummer 0107
    Hardware-Revision 0007/Hardware-Revision 0010

  2. Firmware Informations:
    Bootloader Version 2.0.1/Bootloader Version 3.2.2

Is this a bug or a feature?
I mean that the configuration cannot be loaded, it can only be an error.

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Thank you!

That did worked!



The devices have different product codes and the hardware is slightly different (the modem versions). Thus, you receive an error when you try to upload the backup. I would suggest following the method outlined in the previous response (copying configuration files).

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