Automatically turn off searching for network connections - Crontabs

During the night I configured Crontabs to turn off mobile network and wifi. But I noticed that even when the mobile network is turned off the router is still actively listening for network connections - also the signal strength is still displayed on the device (bars) and in the RutOS.

Is there a crontab command to turn also this off? Is there a way?
I’m using RUTX50, firmware 7.6.10


Could you clarify which services you’re referring to turning off? Also, could you provide an example of what your crontab looks like? Additionally, how do you confirm that the router is still listening for connections? Could you share the relevant sources or logs?

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Hi Marijus,

Sure, here are my crontabs:

00 00 * * 1-7 ubus call network.interface.mob1s1a1 down
00 00 * * 1-7 /sbin/wifi down
30 06 * * 1-7 ubus call network.interface.mob1s1a1 up
30 06 * * 1-7 /sbin/wifi up

I’m mainly referring to the connection data showed in the RutOS interface, although the mobile network is “Disconnected” it still shows the signal strength, is updating RSSI number and Bands RSRQ, Carrier Aggregation status is still marked as “Active”, Cell info is still present. The physical connection bars LED indicator, on the router itself, still shows connection strength 2 bars…


Mobile data connection is a part of your mobile connection. Even if it’s turned off, you can still use basic services like SMS and calls, but no data connections should be present.

Could you please explain your intention behind disabling mobile data and Wi-Fi? Is it for energy saving, security reasons, or something else? If you want to turn off the LED indicators, you can do so via Administration → General → LED indication.

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Thank you Marijus. Yes, security and energy saving. I would like to have those services, mobile connection - not just mobile data, turned off during the night. Is there a way?


The easiest and most secure way to accomplish this would be to turn off the device during those hours. This saves the most energy and is the safest option. A simple power outlet timer should work well for this purpose.

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