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Hi, When I send SMS commands such as Mobileon, I’d like to get confirmation that the sms was received. Right now, I get nothing. I see that auto reply is an available option, but there is a warning that says be careful not to send messages to yourself. How can I set this up to send a reply to the person who sent the command? I’m not sure if I use the group option that everyone in the group will get a confirmation anytime anyone in the group sends a message. That would not be good. If i use the setting Everyone, does that really mean any one person who sends a message will get the reply or does it mean everyone the router knows about will get a reply to any sms command? Or is the option “listed numbers” what I want to use for just replying to the phone that sent the sms command?


Commands that turn a service ON or OFF do not send a reply because they simply change the configuration state. These commands will always be executed if the message is delivered. For commands like “status” and similar, you will receive a reply with the required information.

If you configure auto-reply, it will not automatically confirm that the command has been executed. Instead, it might just return status information along with an auto-reply message. This auto-reply will not serve any real function and could use up your SMS limit if you have one.

To clarify, if the message is delivered, the command is executed automatically. If you receive an error like “message not delivered,” you will know that the command was not executed. This should be sufficient assurance that the message was delivered.

However, if you want additional confirmation, set the auto-reply mode to “Listed numbers” and include only your number. This should be enough for extra reassurance.

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So, sending 1234567890 mobileof will give me the same answer as sending 1234567890 mobileoff. In one case the command will not be executed because it does not exist. In the other case, the command will be executed, but in both cases, I will have the same response:nothing. It would be nice to have the option to reply with “mobileoff Ok” or “mobileof n/a”. One lets me know the command has been received, the other lets me know a non valid command has been received. Also, I just unplugged the router, sent a command and did not get any indication the command was not received. 3 minutes later, the router was back on line and the command was processed. At what point would I get a “message not delivered” indication when the router is offline?


I understand your concern now. We’ll keep it in mind and try to include it in the next update. Thank you for pointing out this missing feature.

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