Auto reboot or watchdog of RUT240 & RUT951

I’m reaching out for intending to know about the auto reboot / watchdog feature of the RUT240 and RUT951.

Currently, we have face with some strange issue and somehow the main gateway has connection issue from the router to the internet via the SIM so wants to know is any of the way can implement into the auto reboot feature once the router detect internet connection was down.

We don’t know the root cause for this disconnection issue at this moment and want to have an alternative way to resolve this problem instead.

Therefore, I’m assuming the RUT240 and RUT951 router inside have the watchdog so this function should doable and reboot the hardware device by itself when detecting the internet was down, please kindly to provide me the clear instruction of the link for this request.



ping reboot functionality. With this functionality configured, the device will ping a host on the internet. In case pings to your defined host on the internet fail, the modem will automatically restart. Alternatively, it can be set to reboot the whole device. You can find more information here.

To reboot the device when pings to a specific host fail, you can use the ping reboot functionality available in Services → Auto Reboot → Ping/Wget Reboot. You can edit the existing rule or create a new one and configure it to ping a device in LAN, and in case of failure, reboot the device. You can find more information about ping reboot functionality on our wiki page here.

Here is a step.

login device’s WebUI and you should turn on “Advanced WebUI” mode.

Go to Services → Auto Reboot → Ping/Wget Reboot → edit

Enable the default rule.


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