Atd call no carrier

I am testing a TRB142 and I’m trying to dial out to a phone number (atd4532454332), but I’m getting “no carrier” after a rather short time (1-2 seconds). Is this supposed to work?


It seems there might be a syntax error. You should add a “+” in front of the number.


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I forgot to add that if you are making phone call using ATD “;” is necessary at the end of the command.

Command should look like this: ATD+123456789;

The phone number above was just an example. I am using this: “atd+7585040034”, and then I get “NO CARRIER” after 1-2 seconds. If I do “atd+7585040034;”, I’m getting an “OK” first and then “NO CARRIER” after 1-2 seconds.

Probably you need VoLTE to make calls if number is correct. It could be the situation if modem cannot switch to 3G or 2G to make call.

How can I verify which kind of connection I have?


To check which connection is currently active, go to Status → Network → Mobile and look for the network type, which should appear like this:


If you want to change it, go to Network → Mobile → General and modify the “Network type”.

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