Allowing Guest access on a RUTX11

Do I need to create a new Wireless access point or is guest access achieved by configuring the “Hotspot”?
I am using the latest firmware viz RUTX_R_00.07.04.5 and none of the wiki or community posts I have found contain the same screen capture examples that appear in my version.
Please provide a link or step-by-step instructions.


Hotspot and Guest WiFi are slightly different things. Basically, the Guest WiFi is simply a separate WiFi SSID without access to the devices in LAN of RUTX11 and RUTX11 itself (only necessary services, such as DNS, DHCP). The hotspot is also a separate network (and SSID) without access to RUTX11. However, it also has a captive portal that can be configured for user authentication (different methods available) before they are allowed internet access. Hotspot also provides an option to limit user traffic in terms of bandwidth and data limits.

For hotspot, you need to create a new WiFi instance (SSID) in Network → Wireless. Then, you can use this instance in Hotspot configuration. You can find more information on Hotspot here.

If you want to configure Guest WiFi, we also have a configuration example for Guest WiFi here.

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Thank you for your comprehensive help. Followed instructions and now OK.

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