Allow URL for specific ports in RUT955

I have a Teltonika RUT955 and I would like to allow internet access only to some specific URLs under specific ports. The Traffic Filter doesn’t allow me to use URLs/hostnames, as I can only use IP addresses. I also checked the web filter, but it doesn’t support specific ports. Do you have any ideas on how I could achieve this?



Could you please clarify your end goal for this configuration? What exactly are you trying to achieve? The term “specific URLs under specific ports” is quite vague and unclear. Could you elaborate on what specific URLs you are referring to and what ports they should be associated with?

This additional information will help me provide you with a more accurate solution.

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Hi Marijus,

Sure. We have an application running on the LAN side of the Teltonika, and I want to allow the application to reach only a specific URL, such as, using certain ports. For example, the application will try to connect to

As I mentioned, I could use the IP address and destination ports in the Traffic filter, but I don’t want to use the IP address because, even though it is a public IP address, it is not static.