Alert from RMS when a registered device is disconnected

Is it possible to receive an alert from RMS when a registered device disconnect from RMS?



You can configure RMS to send SMS or Email when a specific device goes offline or/and online. To do this, select your device in Management → Devices, click on Alerts & automations → Create alert. There, you can set Alert type to ‘Status change’, event subtype to ‘when devices goes offline/online’, and action to be an SMS message or an email. You can enter the other settings according to your needs. More information on RMS alerts is available here.

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Hello Andrej,

the alert type “Status Change” seems to be not available in the dropdown list I can see

What am I doing wrong??



You are in a different menu. First go to Management → Devices. You should see a list of devices. Select the devices that you want to create alarms for. Then, on top (not on the left) there is an ‘alerts & automations’ drop down menu. You can create alarms there.

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Thanks, my issue has been fixed.