Advices for using telnet with a RUT955


I have two devices I need to remotely access via telnet. They are behind a RUT955, which I can easily access.

They have, of course, two different IPs (,, but I cannot change the port they use via their bios, so they both use port 23.

Is there any way to use port forwarding on the RUT955 so that, despite they have the same port (23) but different IP, I can remotely access both the devices, as needed? Can the external/internal port options available in the port forwarding panel of the RUT955 help?

Thanks in advance


Hi Gianluca,

Yeah, You just need to use a different port from the external connection. Under port forwarding you can choose the external port and the internal port, so you use a different external port for one of the devices and leave the internal port same for both. When you try to connect to the device with the different external port, be sure you change that port in the connection.



You can use port forwarding in this case, and it should work.

You can find detailed instructions and configuration examples regarding port forwarding on our wiki pages:

Please let me know how it goes!

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