Accessing RUT240 using static sim IP address

Hi, sorry if this lands in the wrong place or if it has already been addressed.

I am trying to access a RUT240 via a static IP attached to a sim card. it always says connection refused. inside the RMS I can set up a http connection, its all showing as online and I can connect straight away through this. This doesn’t suit what I am trying to do. I’m essentially trying to reach a device connected onto the LAN via the static IP of the sim.

Has anyone come across this or can help me figure out what I need to do?

Thank you and I appreciate the time.


For the first part of your question, you need to enable remote access via HTTP/HTTPS to your device. This can be done in System > Administration > Access Control. Here, you can simply turn on the setting you wish to be used and can specify a port, or leave them default.

If you’re trying to connect to a PC as the LAN device, you can simply use port forwarding as a way of redirecting an incoming connection to another IP address, port, or the combination of both. You can find the information to configure this setting on your device within our Teltonika Wiki: RUT240 Firewall - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

Hi JoshuaS

I have done all of that already. The remote access for the router works via the RMS platform. I can create a link and use it to connect to the router. But it wont allow anything to connect using the public IP from the sim card.


Can you provide screenshots to verify configuration of the device. Please be sure to block out any sensitive details. I would like to request to see the following:

System>Administration>Access Control
Network > WAN/Interfaces (To verify public IP address from Sim)
Also, please add screenshots for configs used in port forwarding



Hi, i have attached some screen shots you have asked for. if there is anything else that could help figure this out i will upload soon as possible.
Thanks for your help.

Hello again,

Can you explain the purpose for the port forward rule that is blocked out in red? Teltonika devices can be accessed from out of the box due to the rule already being setup by default. You can see it is named “Enable_HTTP_WAN” and “Enable_HTTPS_WAN” in the port forward list. You have these enabled, which is good. Also, you have all the necessary remote access control options enabled too.

Please send me a private message to verify the WAN interface screenshot, but without the red coloring blocking. Also, please send a few example screenshots from the command line using the ping command to verify sim card connectivity. You can ping (Cloudfare DNS) or as an example.

Hi how do i send a private message on here?
the red blocked out bit is the IP address given by RUT240 and the APN of the sim card.

the purpose of the port forward with the red blocking was just to try and point the wan to the lan to see a device connected.

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