Accessing RPI VNC through Teltonika RMS remote access system

Hi, I am trying to access my raspberry pi VNC through the Teltonika RMS remote access system. I believe I have configured the remote access correctly getting a green reachable status, but when connecting get a timeout/bad configuration. Not sure what to try next? Is the RMS connection terminal compatible with the REALVNC installed on the raspberry pi


Have you tried to renew/refresh the link?

Yes, it should work. If you are having difficulties with REALVNC and its configurations, I would suggest trying TightVNC. Please, take a look at this post here.

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Hi Andzej,

I have been making new links all day, so it unfortunately is not the renew/refresh. I found that post earlier today and installed TightVNC on the PI but was also unsuccessful. In the posted link it shows a section on the configuration of TightVNC, but I believe they are referring to it being installed on a Windows PC and not PI OS.

Just an update. I managed to get it working with TightVNC. I did not start the TightVNC service after installing it. I followed the full install instruction from and its all working now.

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