Accessing Devices behind RUT950 via IPSec-VPN

I have a RUT950 with a SIM card. Via mobile it connects to my fortigate. On the fortigate side I have configured a dialup IPSec VPN. The VPn-Connection is up, but I have no Idea what to do to access the devices connected to the RUT950 from my fortigatge’s local network.

My LAN IP of RUT950 is and the devices connected are also in 192.168.240.x. I can’t even ping the RUT itself.

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To access devices in the RUT950 local network, IPsec should be configured on the RUT950. As of right now, it looks like you haven’t configured local subnet access on your FortiGate if you can’t ping the RUT950.

Either way, I would highly advise configuring IPsec on the Teltonika router if you want to access devices behind it.

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Hi Marijus,

thank you so much! I had to switch off “default route” and to add local and remote subnets instead. Now it works fine.

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