Access to WebUI via RMS VPN Hub

Hello dear community
I have a problem configuring a VPN connection to a RUT240.
My scenario: The RUT240 is connected to the Internet via LTE. Several devices are connected to the LAN of the RUT240 and I want to access their web interface remotely. All devices in this LAN have fixed IP addresses.
According to the instructions in the wiki, I have gone through the following steps

  1. register the RUT240 in the RMS
  2. create a VPN hub
  3. assign clients to the VPN hub (RUT240 and RMS user)
  4. click on the LAN toggle to enable forwarding
  5. add route: Manual - and then the address space of the remote devices
  6. restart VPN Hub, download VPN configuration

The VPN client is running, I can see the LTE router and the RMS user under VPN Hub → sessions. However, I am still unable to ping the remote devices or access their web interface. Something is still missing in this configuration.

Here is my Setup:

This is the routing in RMS VPN Hub:

This is how it looks on the RUT240:

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