Access Point Issues


I have a RUT950 with two TP-Link access points connected to it.
The issue I have is when the power goes out (very rarely) and the system restarts the RUT-950 keeps detecting the APs as DHCP servers, which then means we have no internet.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



The easiest solution (but not a very proper one) is to simply enable the Force option in Network → LAN → edit the LAN instance, in the DHCP Server section:

However, a more proper solution would be to disable the DHCP servers on the TP-link devices (usually called repeater mode).
Let me know if this helps.

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Thanks Daumantas,

I will try this.
I have tried to looking into the disabling this on the TP-link, however, as its is a dedicated AP it doesn’t really have many options.


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