802.3af/at PoE injector for RUTX11?

I am on the way to buy a PoE injector for powering a RUTX11 via RJ45 LAN cable in my boat.

The RUTX11 is in the top of the mast within a QuWireless QuSpot AX12S antenna housing. The CAT7 RJ45 LAN cable length between the router and the PoE injector is about 25m.

The PoE injector (APOE03GS) has the following specs:

[“PoE Midspan/Injector. It is compatible with devices that support the IEEE 802.3af/at standard PoE power feed using Mode B (Pins 4/5 and 7/8).”]

Should this work by the specs?

PIN define of the PoE injector:

Many thanks for your help!


The APOE03GS PoE injector is designed to work with devices that support the IEEE 802.3af/at standard PoE power feed using Mode B (Pins 4/5 and 7/8). However, the RUTX11 router is not compliant with the IEEE 802.3af-2003 or IEEE 802.3at standards.

For the PoE part, it may work as long as power is supplied in pin 4 and 5

Please read this Wiki article on power options.


Thank you for this response!

For being on the safe side for not destroying the router and as this topic is slightly confusing for me:
Can you recommend a PoE injector for the RUTX11 supporting Gigabit speed (with Cat7 RJ45 cable) and DC input?

After reading the Teltonika wiki for the 5th time:
It is written that the RUTX11 may be powered by POE and it is shown which standards are NOT supported. But nowhere I can find which standard for PoE is supported?

So if I have good luck it is working and bad luck not?

We have sucessfully used these convertors inline between the POE injector and the RUT. Instant PoE Converter, Indoor - Ubiquiti Store. They also do an external version which we have also used.
Be aware that you must only use Passive POE in to the LAN1 Port. DO NOT connect IEEE 802.3af/at standard PoE directly to any RUT device as it may destroy it this is known as active PoE and could deliver 48-56v to your RUTX11 which can only have a maximum 50v.
Using the convertor above this converts the Active PoE to Passive POE at around 24v.
Hopefully this helps.

Hi RailcamUK,

Thanks for this! Never heard about these inline converters.
The Ubiquiti Networks INS-3AF-I-G PoE from your link is rated with an output of 24V / 0,5A max.

RUTX11 power consumtion according to the specs on the Teltonika webside:

16W : 24V = 0,67A
(RUTX12 < 22W = < 0,88A in case of 24V)

If my calculation is correct I would need an inline converter which would supply around 34% more amps. Or maybe there is (hopefully) something wrong in my assumption?

May I ask you at which RUT models you have this setup in use?
I will need it for a RUTX11 and RUTX12.
Maybe I will give it a try with the Ubiquiti INS-3AF-I-G. But it does not feel good.

Maybe I have a full missunderstanding how a passive PoE injector is working:

In case a passive PoE always will have the same voltage from the external input clamp/terminal also on the output side on the RJ45 cable (and no step up converting etc.) I simply could input just 24V and on the RJ45 we will have 24V as well and that´s the solution as long as the PoE injector is using Mode B (Pins 4/5 and 7/8 for VDC+).

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