5g (nsa) & nr5g-nsa

Just updated RUTX50 firmware to 00.07.06 and i’m seeing a new (to me) Network Type called NR5G-NSA.

Can someone explain to an idiot (Me!) what the difference will mean to me.

The Network Type only momentarily switches from 5G (NSA) to NR5G-NSA as if it’s trying but for whatever reason cannot maintain the switch. It’s not a problem insofar as i’m not suffering.

I do like to understand these things though and having googled the differences between these two Network Types i just do not understand the technical jargon being used.

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It’s simply a visualization change in RutOS 07.06. There is no actual difference for the connection itself.
These devices are operating on non-standalone 5G network, meaning they use 4G for communication as well as data transfer, and 5G is only for data transfer.

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