3 openvpn tunnels not working at the same time.

Dear Sir(s),
I have 3 routers RUT955 (KU21,KU22,KU23), every router have 3 openvpn tunnels (client mode, static key), every tunnel is connected to 3 different comps. (comp1, comp2,comp3, see pictures).

On every comp the openvpn server is UP (serv1,serv2,serv3 - for each tunnel).
Every time after automatic router’s reboot on each router only first tunnel is UP and are working (almost always) on 1-st server, second and third tunnels is working one by one or periodically, or working only 2-nt tunnel, second and third tunnels is not UP. It happened on all of 3 routers.


Снимок экрана от 2024-03-29 11-09-20

Example of configuration of openvpn servers (for 3 tunnels) on comp2.

What can you say about this problem? Is it possible to have the openvpn tunnels always running at the same time?
Regards, Yanat.

To additional to my above information:
I chechked log file from router KU22 after automatic rebooting, and see,
that the tunnel is not UP, because

Is it really openvpn client script on router
isn’t being executed when the vpn service/router is restarted?

The router was unable to correctly stop the tunnel before its automatic reboot?

Any suggestions?

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