Will tow detection wake up from deep sleep

Will the FMC650 with deep sleep switched on be woken up if tow detection is activated.
im trying to get the device really quiet (deep sleep) so the thieves can use a scanner to detect whether my van has a tracker. but want it to wake up on Battery disconnected and tow detected


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You can enable the towing detecting under accelerometer features option and auto geofence feature. When someone tries to tow your vehicle will be getting an alert when device exit the Auto Geofence created on the last past known location. One more thing you can set is Movement detection source to Accelerometer so when there is any movement detected by the device it will wake it up and it started sending data normally. Please see links below for your reference.

*device exits deep sleep mode if ONE of following conditions is true:

** Movement by accelerometer or configured movement source is detected;*
** Ignition (configured ignition source) is turned on.*


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thank Ashtutosh