Using FOTA Web to send only new server+ip configuration


We have a large number of devices that we would like to send them command for new IP+PORT to communicate with as primary server.
the problem is that all SIM are not SMS enabled, just GPRS/TCP

is it possible to use FOTA WEB to send just this particular configuration?

we would like to avoid the tedious scenario of reading each configuration and update it separately. devices have various configuration (with or without canbus, with or without fuel sesnors…)

can it be done in an easy way? how?

Hi Rafi,

Please try to use TCT and select save only changes option: TCT Save - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

Note: Try it first with some devices.

Before continuing please read the information below:

  • TCT support ONLY base firmware versions. No evaluation and special firmware versions support are planned.
  • TCT supports devices with 03.27.13.Rev.03 and newer firmware version (firmware version restriction does not apply to FMx6 series devices).
  • TCT won’t support GH5200, TMT250, TAT1YX, TFT100, and TST100.

Reference: Getting started with TCT desktop application - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

Maynard C

thank you very much

so using this small CFG file i can sent it via FOTA WEB to a selected group of devices?

Hi Rafi,

Yes but please try it first with 1 device.

Once it is successful you can do it with your multiple devices.


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