Use FMM130 and Eye Beacon to build alarm-system?

I was planning to use the “Magnet detection” fuctionality of the Eye Beacon, to build my own alarm-system in my campervan.

Teltonika products are new to me and I never worked with their configurator software nor app. I plan on using the Eye Beacon together with a FMM130 and CAN-CONTROL IMMO. Is it possible to cover such scenarios and build a config, that monitors the beacons, so that an alarm is triggered, when the magnet contact is in open state?

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Hi @womacko

Good day, yes it is possible, to configure the EYE sensor kindly visit our wiki page: EYE SENSOR / BTSMP1 - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

Note: Kindly use the latest firmware on your device on the time of testing: Firmware versions - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

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I understand that it’s possible, but HOW? Can you further explain, where I can define the following scenarios?

  • If a beacon is close enough, immobilization via CAN/OBD should be disabled and the ignition can be turned on, by key. If beacon is out of range, immobilization shall be enabled.
  • If one of the magnet beacons (on windows/doors) reports an open state, alarm via CAN/OBD shall be triggered and the vehicle honks.


This can be done via server commands or via firmware development.

Via Server
You should create a logic from your server whenever the beacon ID is not detected the immobilizer commands should be sent to the device.

For the eye sensor once the magnet is not detected alarm should be triggered via DOUT.

via Firmware development

For your special requirements kindly contact your sales manager or create an HD ticket, if you dont have contact with your sales manager If you do not have contact information for our sales managers, please visit our official website at and click on the “Contact Us” button. Fill out the form and submit it when you click.

Note: Kindly contact the regional teltonika support to assist you with your project.

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