Truphone doesnt work on FMC650 and FMC130

We are working with the Truphone SIM cards. We found that Truphone SIM cards didnt work on FMC650 and FMC130 model; however, the true SIM Cards worked in a FMC640.

Did somebody have the same problem in the past? How it was fixed

Hello, Marome

When you order Truphone SIM cards from Teltonika, the following process has to occur:

Truphone account is created ( if it wasn’t created before )
Truphone cards are added to clients account and activated
Truphone APN is added to configuration:

Make sure that you ordered your SIM cards directly from Teltonika and have created a HelpDesk ticket to add and activate your SIM cards.

Also make sure that correct APN is used in configuration.

Make sure that you are generating records and trying to send them to configured server, because the card will not start working until it is actively trying to send records. ( for this to happen server IP and Port must be configured )

Best regards