Tracking software

So got my first tracker and trying to get it set up and working, I have tried Ruhavik software which seems extremely basic, I did contact Wailon but they told me I needed to be a partner to use their software.

Which is the best to use if your only using one device but you want advance feature set?

FMC234 with Can Controller?

Okey a few days on and I’m learning things but slowly, maybe I can get some advice on how to move forward.

I found the site Flespi (by accident), I got the tracking device all set up on there and seems to be working fine.

I just wanted to ask, am I on the right tracks using this site to configure the device? I noticed that you can’t edit everything, but most of the important things are there… like the I/O tab isn’t there, so would you still need to connect to the device via bluetooth/USB next to the device?

I was hoping as I don’t have a Windows Laptop that I could avoid going to buy one if there was a way to fully configure the device via Data (like the RMS type setup with the routers).

I’m having to learn everything the hard way as I’m not knowing what to do look for so I’m struggling to find guides as I lack the terminology to search.

My next goal really is to find away to stream this data to somewhere that can graphically show it vs time, like battery values etc, so I can monitor the device.

If you take the time to explain it to me, I will learn and take it in. So any help would be appreciated.


Good day, you can check our wiki page to have more information about Tracking software which is supported by Teltonika devices: Fleet Management platforms - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

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