Total mileage no longer goes up

I would like you to help me understand a problem recently observed on the LVCAN 200 lifts, the total mileage is no longer displayed with the FMB 120 device since January 24, 2024 while the total mileage counted is displayed.


Hi Good day,

Kindly try to do the troubleshooting steps below:

  1. kindly try to send the following commands
    lvcanreset – reset LVCAN module
    lvcanrefresh – forces device to connect to FOTAWEB to report the current CAN adapter statatus
    2.Update your CAN adapter firmware version: CAN Adapter update - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (
  2. Once all are updated, configure the program number that you can found from the vehicle schematic diagram
  3. If all are set make sure that the IO for Total Mileage is enabled.
  4. In case you still have an issue please contact your sales manager or create an HD ticket.

Best Regards
Maynard C

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