TMT250, trouble connecting via Configurator

I recently purchased TMT250, but I’m unable setup the initial config via Configurator, as it fails establish reliable connection to TMT250, for updating the firmware and setting the initial config.

I’m running the Configurator on Windows 11 Pro, version: 23H2. With .NET version 4.0.

The latest Configurator (1.7.66_B.55.2_R.10) version refused to install, as it just complains that it needs to install .NET, eg. it cannot locate the currently installed .NET version for some reason.

The Configurator (1.6.11_R.39) starts, but whenever I connect the TMT250 via it’s USB cable, it either:

A) Sometimes establish connection, but as fails to update firmware or store any settings and soon disconnects when it’s attempted.

B) Sometimes shows on Configurator initial device selection screen, but when clicked, soon disonnects. Often I can hear Windows sound, indicating device has been disconnected/reconnected.

C) Often fails to show in Configurator screen entirely, disconnecting-reconnecting USB cable might help, but then it usually fails on described B scenario next.

Quite often the TMT250 will show after delay in Configurator screen, but then soon (after 5-10 sec) disappears from it. The Windows at the same time plays a sound, which kind of indicates that the TMT250 has disconnected-reconnected itself, so it almost seems that there is some kind of connection failure via USB-COM driver (TeltonikaCOMDriver.exe, version:

Any idea what could be problem here and how to resolve it?


Good day, did you experience this issue with other devices?

If Yes, you can try to change your USB cable or reinstall the USB COM driver.
If No, maybe the device is already faulty and should be sent to us for RMA if it is still covered

Best Regards
Maynard C

This TMT250 is my only Teltonika, so I’m unable to test Configurator with another Teltonika device.

Also as TMT250 is using special magnetic cable and only one is shipped with with it, also unable test it with another cable.

Will try installing the COM driver and report results here …

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