TMT 250 Battery


I would like to ask, for the suggested configuration for a TMT250 device.
This for the battery to last for a few days, for example last between three or four days as such.

Thank you.


Hello @Soporte_TesatelGPS,

Good day! I recommend increasing the interval of data sending from the device to prolong the battery capacity of the TMT250. You may try to use the following scenario and test if it would help.

On the screenshot mentioned you will receive data from the device when there is No Movement every 1 hour with 2 records on the packet while when there is Movement every 30 mins with a minimum of 6 records.

For more information about TMT250 Data Acquisition Settings you may refer on this link: TMT250 Data acquisition settings - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS

Kind regards,
Patrick S.

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