Timer on Reconnection to GSM Network FMM880

Hi Team,

we are using an FMM880 with connection to an NB-IoT Network for close to realtime tracking.
We collected data every 2 seconds on movement and it is mounted in a bus that is driving the same route every day.

There are small parts of the route where the connection quality to NB-IoT isn’t good (GSM quality = 1), but most of the time the device stays connected. Whenever it doesnt stay connected it takes 3-4 hours for the device to come back online even though its in places where the connection quality is very good.
During that time the bus is still driving and the gps fixes are being collected, once connection has been re-established we are getting flooded with thousands of fixes from the last hours.

Is there anything I can configure to make the device retry the connection to the gsm network much faster?



Good day, kindly answer the following questions:

  1. Is your SIMCARD only using the NB-Iot network? In case the NB-IoT is not present the device should connect to the 2G network if the sim supports both 2G and NB IoT
  2. Are you using the latest firmware for FMM880? If you are not using the latest firmware you can try to test it because there are some fixes for the Operator search procedure improvements and Record saving and sending improvements.

For your reference, you can visit the firmware errata of FMM880
Link: FMM880 firmware errata - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (teltonika-gps.com)
Firmware Download link: https://wiki.teltonika-gps.com/view/Special:Redirect/file/FMB.Ver.03.29.00.rev.454_and_configurator.zip

Note: The device will store all the records in the internal flash memory and send it to your server once it goes online because the data generation is only 2 seconds It will store a lot of records and may cause network congestion because of the amount of data that is being sent to your server.

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Maynard C

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