Teltocharge şarj başlatma

Merhaba teltocharge cihazı mı kendi evim de NFC kart ve mobil cihazım olmadan şarj kablosunu takınca şarj etmesini istiyorum.Onu nasıl yapabiliriz.

Unfortunately, according to current technology standards, it is not possible to charge a device with NFC without an NFC card and mobile device. NFC (Near Field Communication) provides near field communication and is generally used for data transfer, authentication or interactive transactions, but is not used to charge the battery of devices.

Charging your device typically requires a charging cable and a suitable power source. NFC is not designed for this purpose. NFC cards are used for wireless communication or authentication and are designed to interact with mobile devices.

You will need to use appropriate chargers to charge your devices at home. NFC or similar technologies do not perform this function.