TeltoCharge firmware v1.12.8 issues - charger stops/limps if vehicle is engaged

Hi there

I had a TeltoCharge untethered unit installed at my place in New Zealand last week.

Charging was fine - RFID card access not enabled so I can simply plug in the cable and charge.

On Friday (3 July) I received a notification in the app to upgrade the firmware (v1.12.8 kernel version v5.0.6) - I did this and updated the app on my iPhone as well.

However, now if I charge and engage with the vehicle at all - unlock it, open the door, etc - the car goes into emergency charging mode (light alternates white and red) and plummets from 7kW to 1kW. I have an VW ID.4 Pro. I have had to disable the auto unlock on approach functionality which is annoying. If the car is left alone it charges fine.

I also replicated the issue on my wife’s Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV - the charging stops if I open/unlock her car.

We did not experience these issues before the firmware update and I have never experienced issues with using either a 3 pin trickle charge or use of public AC and DC chargers.

Any ideas???

I have had similar issues with my BYD Dolphin as well - will test changing the auto unlock function. As an added bonus, the charging schedule rarely works correctly - sometimes skipped, sometimes starts at a random time within the charging period. I am still diagnosing this to find some sort of pattern. Diagnostics on the app seem to miss some events some of the time so they are not much use.

Hello Phill,

Thats so strange. Could you provide TS-File ?
Thank you.

Well the good news is that the issue seems to have been resolved.

Teltonika requested my EV charging network provider to to send a ‘Clear Charging Profile’ command to the charger - see seems to have done the trick. This was not an issue before the firmware update though.