Teltocharge connection with Teltonika RMS

Hi there,

I’m new to installing Teltonika EV chargers, I recently did three of them and they’re working fine. Though, I would like to access them remotely through the RMS portal. But how does that work exactly?

Two of the three chargers are connected with wifi for the meantime but will be receiving a wired connection shortly and one of them is connected by utp cable.

I have added one device to the RMS but the connection can’t be made. How does this work exactly?

Hi Mitchell,

Good day, Teltocharge will only work with the OCPP protocol not with the RMS platform, we already have the partners who already tested Teltocharge on their platform.

For more information kindly create an HD ticket or contact your sales manager.
If you don’t have contact with them, please create an HD or send an email to us.

Send an email to Teltonika Energy - IoT, Internet of Things ( and click the contact button

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Maynard C

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