Teletonika fm920 Acc on/off

Hello i have an FMB920 which keeps sending Acc ON and OFF after every few seconds what could be the issue and how can i resolve it via sms commands. the acc ON/OFF are sent even when the asset is moving

Hi Evan,

Good day, thank you for reaching out to Teltonika Telematics Community Forum!

Please check your configuration kindly try to change your ignition source to DIN 1

If DIN1 is already selected, you could check the wiring from the DIN1 to the ignition cable of the vehicle.

Reference: FMC920 System settings - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

From the IO change the Ignition to High Priority, On change

Note: Maybe you use Voltage as an ignition source sometimes there are voltage fluctuations which may cause a change to the status of the ignition even if the vehicle is moving.

Please let me know your feedback.

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Maynard C.