TCT : how to define rs485 id into LLS list?

in TCT RS485 settings , how to enter a sensor id into one of the LLS entries. the list is blocked.

in the old configuration tools it was editable

how to map the sensor id into a specific LLS entry?


Good day, please check if the firmware of your device supports TCT kindly visit this page to check: Teltonika Configurator versions - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

Best Regards
Maynard C

of course it is, i am using configuration for FMB125 (without a device connected)
it seems that this GUI doesnt function well

even when imported the csv file after some changes , it didnt loaded correctly and did not show the values
the GUI is somehow disabled and cannot be editied.

please check


Thank you for feedback what is the firmware version of your FMB125?

i dont use any device
i just create a new configuration for fmb125

in GUI it is mentioned: Firmware: 03.29.01 or higher


03.29.01 firmware is not yet released to the public.

but it is supported in the old Teltonika.configurator 1.7.72

and the GUI for RS485 LLS Sensors address mappng work well.

TCT and .configurator 1.7.72 are different platform,

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