TAT100 how to charge?

the manual for the TAT100 TAT100 - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS
has no instructions on how to charge the TAT100.

Should the Power switch be on or off when charging?
How does the device signal that is actually charging?
How does the device signal when it is fully charged?
How long does is take on a standard USB port until the device is fully charged?

All this important information is missing in the manual.

The TAT100 has no chargeable batteries. The batteries are LiSOCI2 batteries which you have to replace when they are empty.

Hi alexz,

exactly. According to the Datasheet:

TAT100-TAIB0 - Battery
2200mAh, 2S, extremely low self-discharge Li-SOCl2
batteries 7.2V, Non-rechargeable

and TAT100-TAIBA - Battery
2200mAh, 3S, extremely low self-discharge Li-SOCl2
batteries 10.8V, Non-rechargeable

All this important information is… in the Datasheet!

Timelapse Admin

Thanks for pointing me to that detail.
That was unexpected.
I did not see that detail in the datasheet. Maybe this should be mentioned more prominent to avoid disappointment.

But the datasheet does not mention the form factor of these batteries.
What size do I have to buy?

Hello @urt185

Please contact your sales manager or any local partner of teltonika from your region to know where to purchased the battery replacement.

Note: Make sure to turn off the TAT100 when you are not using it to avoid discharging the battery.

Best Regards

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