Solarcharging - Feature Requests

I was not able to configure solar charging. Mainly due to the fact, that my Energymeter is a Kostal Energy Meter G2 which seams not to be supported (yet).
However, I have some proposals for energymetering:

  • Support TCP Modbus + Sunspec, so many more devices could be compatible or/and allow configuration of the respective registers
  • Support TCP Modbus or a API also for control to be able to integrate in customs enviroment
  • Maybe support of shelly energy meters
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Hi Lobin,

Good day, yes you are correct Kostal Energy meter G2 is not yet supported which is why it didn’t work.

Reference: Smart energy meters - Wiki

We will look into your suggested proposal. But if you need this feature urgently you can contact your sales manager or create a HD ticket

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Best Regards
Maynard C.