SMS commands to input the MAC address of a bluetooth fuel sensor into the FMC130

Hello, I have a Bluetooth fuel sensor and I would like to know the SMS commands to input the MAC address of the sensor into the FMC130 so that it can send the fuel data.

Hi @pablomobilec

The command is

Connection 1
setparam 1202:(MAC Address ) f

Please find the wiki link below: FMB SMS/GPRS Commands - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

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A question: When I configured the GPS for sensor readings through the configurator, I added a “preset” in that part of the image that you shows me. When I configure it via SMS, is there any way to add it? Or is there no problem?


Yes but you need to configure all the parametesr based on the preset, it would be easier if you use FOTAWEB to update the device configuration.


Select advanced in connection 1

Then send the commands to configure all paramters

It will be a long setparam commands.

Please follow this command structure base on our wiki page:

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