Single SMS instead of multiple SMS when "Unplug Detection Mode"

I set up my FMC003 with Unplug Detection with

  • Scenario Settings: Panic Priority
  • Eventual Records: Enable
  • Unplug Detection Mode: Simple


When I tested this functionality I received multiple SMS until I reconnected the tracker with the OBD2 port.
Can I, and if, how, configure a way, that I receive just one SMS and not multiple?

Hi Solero,

Good day, can you change the priority to High?

What is the firmware you are using for your FMC003?

Maynard C


Thanks for the reply.
I did set the priority to high afterwards, but this does not send me a SMS, directly. As the notification queue is technically longer and more error prone over the data path, I would prefer to have a notification alarming me directly from the tracker itself via SMS. With this notification I would then follow the device / backup tracker by the data connection and not a series of SMS.

My firmware version is: 03.28.03.Rev.97 which should be the current version.

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Hi Solero,

Thank you for the update.

It should be the same as panic.

The only difference is that
High Priority
Module makes an additional record with High priority flag and sends event packet immediately to the server using GPRS.
Panic Priority
This priority triggers same actions as High priority, but if GPRS fails, it sends an AVL packet using SMS data if SMS data sending is enabled and the number is provided in SMS/Call Settings.

Reference: FMC130 I/O settings - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (

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Best Regards
Maynard C

Hi Maynard,

thanks for the reply.
I studied the wiki of the FMC003 intensively in order to find a fault in my configuration.
Unfortunately, I did not manage to configure a state where I just get a single SMS for the unplug event. It appears to me, that I receive an SMS on every data point sent by the device. As I have a limited number of SMS bound to my data volume, I cannot use this feature until I figure out how to configure it correctly.

Do you have any idea what to check next?

Best regards,

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