Send RS485 to remote MQTT broker using TRB245


Apologies for the delayed response.

In this case, functioalities like Modbus, MQTT broker/publisher, or Data to Server will not be an option.

I would suggest writing a script that will get data from /dev/rs485 and send it via MQTT to your broker. To send data to MQTT within your script, you can use mosquitto. Please, take a look at this post here. You can also find different script examples on this forum using search functionality (ChatGPT can also help!). Make sure to disable all RS485 services that you may have configured on the device so that it can be used in your script

Another option is to send data to some other server over TCP, and then forward it your MQTT broker from that server. For this, you can use the Serial over IP fucntionality. This will allow you to forward all data from RS485 towards your server via TCP/IP.

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