RUT240 - Sending emails only via mobile WAN

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i have RUT240 with connected mobile data sim card. I want to ask if there is a possibillity to sending emails form 3rd party device only via mobile data, even if wan is connected.

Do you think that failover can help?

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While I have not tried this with emails, you can try using mwan3 (failover/load-balancing feature) to route packets that match email protocols via mobile interface. This is similar to this case here where the screenshots show an example with DNS (port 53). In your case, this will be ports associated with email protocols. You can find protocols and their port numbers online.

For example, SMTP:

  • 25: Non-encrypted
  • 465: SSL/TLS
  • 587: STARTTLS


  • 110: Non-encrypted
  • 995: SSL/TLS


  • 143: Non-encrypted
  • 993: SSL/TLS

Keep in mind that email protocols use TCP, and not UDP.

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